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Ep 150: Owning Your Authority with Rachael Kraft and Patrick Kenney

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Ep 150: Owning Your Authority with Rachael Kraft and Patrick Kenney

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In This Episode

There are 7 phases to a successful freelancing career. 

By far the biggest hurdle is the need to “own your authority.”

So much head trash. 

But man… when you do it… EVERYTHING opens up to you.

It’s become my passion to coach copywriters and other freelancers through this critical step. 

On today’s Copy Chief Radio, I’m sharing a conversation I had with two recent graduates of my Real Free Life freelance biz coaching program. 

You’ll hear how they were able to push past years of doubt that kept them stuck in their careers. 

FYI, this is not a veiled pitch for you to join my program… it’s by invite only. 

I think this will help you get unstuck, discover your unique specialty (it’s probably right in front of you), and begin to own your authority.


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