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Ep 149: Ecommerce Emails That Convert with Chris Orzechowski

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Ep 149: Ecommerce Emails That Convert with Chris Orzechowski

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In This Episode

If you write copy selling Ecommerce products, then you’ve got to follow Chris Orzechowski. His campaigns have generated millions of dollars in sales for companies like Filippo Loreti, Chef’d, Factor 75, Satchel & Page, Jeff Walker, NeuroGym and more. 

He’s also the creator of the popular Email of the Week series, where he breaks down successful email campaigns and shares strategies you can use to make more sales with your email marketing.

On today’s Copy Chief Radio, “Orzy” hands over 5 big advantages for writing eComm emails that convert..

  1. The #1 place you are losing sales and how to stop it.

  2. How email automations help you capture more sales.

  3. Examples of proven to convert Ecomm email sequences.

  4. The key difference between writing copy for Ecommerce emails vs info products.

  5. One thing all the best ecommerce companies are doing in their emails that everyone should adapt.


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