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Ep 148: Overdelivering in Life and Business with Brian Kurtz

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Ep 148: Overdelivering in Life and Business with Brian Kurtz

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In This Episode

It’s been a tough year in the industry for influencer deaths. 

We lost Sean Stephenson, Andy Jenkins, and Dan Kennedy is battling a life-threatening illness (but fortunately improving!)…

A name I’m grateful we did not add to this heartbreaking list this year is Brian Kurtz.

Brian suffered a stroke earlier this year that could have been the end. His doctor told him to consider his survival and recovery something of a miracle. 

It clearly wasn’t his time, and we are all grateful for that. 

Brian wasted no time getting back into what he does best: inspiring us to be better marketers based on his 40 years of in-the-trenches experience building a billion dollar company “29 dollars at a time”… 

I was thrilled to talk with Brian about his excellent new book, Overdeliver, and the insane amount of value he gives away as bonuses to everyone who buys a copy.

We also discussed…

  • Were You Born With Control-Beating Blood? This ONE thing separates pros who deliver HOT new controls… from amateurs whose drafts never see the light of day. How to know if you “have it” (and what to do if you don’t…) Revealed at 13:31

  • The #1 WORST Mistake When Hiring A Copywriter. This common question strangles sales and murders your momentum. Listen as Brian outlines his “7-M Hiring System” that lands you top-talent AND shields you from smooth-talking hacks. [14:34]

  • How brand-new copywriters avoid the Hired Help Trap. Blamed for low conversions, even when you flat-out NAIL a project? Never again! Check the “4:3:2 Ratio” BEFORE taking a penny from your client! You only have one reputation… this 1 thing keeps it strong. [18:20]

  • Connecticut Man’s Stamp Licking Fetish Sends His Marketing Chops Soaring! Here’s how to inject your marketing with these first-class strategies (no licking required…) [19:40]

  • Brian exposes how “Pulling a Parris” helped knock an unbeatable Boardroom control off its cozy perch. This is how Big Guns generate Bigger Ideas. It’s easy to ignore… but doing it right could make you an unstoppable copywriter. [21:20]

  • Gene Schwartz Helped Launch Boardroom… without “writing” a single word? Get the scoop on Gene’s 48-Hour Idea Swarm to uncover personality-oozing hooks that write themselves. Use this trick to write sales copy faster… with more intensity… unleashing floods of profits for you and your clients. Win-Win-Win! [25:10]

  • If your new copywriting client utters these 8 Warning Words… STOP! Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. RUNTHEOTHERWAY! (If you’re already in too deep… Listen for a simple idea that turns nightmare deals into dream relationships.) [27:45]

  • How A-List copywriters make B-List products sound sexy-as-hell… it’s NOT the copy! Brian drops a Research Secret so effective it can launch fresh-faced writers into “control-beating” orbit… IF you’re daring enough to do it. [27:55]

  • Endless edits and rewrites? Client tossing you around like a rag-doll? Use The Kissinger Protocol to regain 100% control over every copy project. Top publishers LOVE when you do this. [31:40]

  • The smartest marketers are rushing to add this High ROI Channel to their funnels. It’s the perfect back end for ONLINE orders… but you’ll never see these offers littering Facebook. Where to look and how to profit at 36:55

Digging those bullets? I sure am. They are written by Darren Hanser, the winner of the Bullet The Podcast contest inside the Copy Chief community. He specializes in alternative health and supplement sales copy. You should hire him!


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