Ep 15 – The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs (Pt 2)

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In This Episode

Listen to the 2nd part of the 7 stories every promo needs to be successful. 


Go directly to the episode by using the link below:

The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs With Henry Bingaman Part 2

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  • Eric Rhoads

    Nice job on this. Listening in my car while driving I could not write down each of the 7 and I’m not finding them in show notes. I’d love to have them so I don’t have to listen again while not driving. Got them anywhere?

    • Reply

      Hi Eric,

      Glad you liked the episodes. One of my favorites for sure. This is something Henry did for us, I don’t believe there’s a download of his list. You’re welcome to have the episodes transcribed (I use rev.com) if that makes life easier.

      All the best,

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