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Ep 142: Permission To Be Flawsome with Laura Belgray

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Ep 142: Permission To Be Flawsome with Laura Belgray

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In This Episode

I love talking to Laura Belgray. 

She’s naturally hilarious in conversation, just like in her writing, but she’s also an innovative marketer who cleans up with every promotion because she is SINCERE and rightly TRUSTED by her audience. 

How’s she do it? 

By being what she calls “Flawsome,” giving herself permission to expose, celebrate, and laugh about her flaws. 

We dove deep on this and a few other topics, like how Laura lights up Instagram in a way that actually grows her business (not just entertains).


  • Struggling to find new email newsletter topics? Use Laura’s Productivity Pipeline to spin social media posts into email gold…without worrying about fussy algorithms punishing you. [04:23]

  • The $15 billion principle one social media company exploits to hook teens like a vape shop. Here’s how you can use it (ethically) to nurture your list and build relationships that last. [06:15]

  • How Laura channels her “bar hoe” past to stay connected to her readers and build a loyal following. (Hint: Jewish mothers have employed this technique for centuries.) [07:44]

  • Course creators and coaches: Stop letting low completion rates hurt your testimonials and try Kevin’s simple, two-part recipe. (This combination achieves 100% completion in his most expensive programs.) [19:33]

  • Discover the underground prospect pool known only to in-demand copywriters. Fill your calendar with thirsty clients who scramble over each other to work with you. (No prospect research required.) [20:44]

  • “Remember the virgins?” Why your most inexperienced clients are the key to higher conversions and stronger relationships. Ignore this group at your own peril! [23:55]

  • Copywriters: This simple habit will help you avoid the curse of knowledge so you can keep reaching prospects with their language…even after you’ve become an expert in your niche. [24:44]

  • Don’t create an undeliverable monster! Here’s why Laura ignores typical advice about adding more, more, more…and how you can craft compelling programs that you–and your clients–love. (Bonus: Your clients will thank you when they see less in your program.) [25:35]

  • Tired of trying to live a Pinterest-perfect life? Learn why Laura embraces imperfection and how the flawsome mindset empowers readers and sends your “know, like, and trust” factor through the roof. [33:10]

  • Stop drowning in data! Kevin knows if a piece of content resonates with his audience without even looking at the numbers, and you can use his Genuine Engagement Metric to see if your writing truly reaches readers. [38:50]


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