Ep 143: When Your Specialty Chooses You with Mike Lukas

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At this point in your freelancing journey, you understand why specializing is so much better than being a “generalist.”

Nutshell: The best clients do not hire generalists, they seek out specialists.

However, that doesn’t make CHOOSING YOUR SPECIALTY any easier. 

Take my friend Mike, for instance… after a successful career in entertainment, he wanted more control over his life and income for himself and his young family. 

While he was rummaging through various paycheck opportunities to see what stuck, he began posting regularly on sports blogs about his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns.

He was writing purely for fun, as a release for the tension and occasional misery of working “real jobs.”  

Before long, the publishers of those websites took notice of Mike’s consistency and entertaining writing style and offered him a paid position doing exactly what he’d been doing out of passion.

He’s been at it for years now and loving the gig. 

Proof that oftentimes when you write what you love, your speciality chooses you.


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Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers is a stand up comic turned copywriter and now a copy chief. Kevin is also a best-selling author of The 60-Second Sales Hook. He created Copy Chief to bridge the gap between biz owners eager to improve their sales conversions and copywriters eager to show off their hard-won copy chops.
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