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Ep 141: Who’s Your Dan?

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Ep 141: Who’s Your Dan?

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In This Episode

Social media lit up last week as news spread that Dan Kennedy was in hospice and saying his final goodbye. 

He announced his fate in perfect Kennedy fashion: with a heartfelt and humorous letter to his friends and followers. 

It was a shock to our collective community, with all of us who’ve studied and learned from Dan’s many books experiencing a collective moment of awakening at the massive impact one man has had on our industry and so many of our personal good fortunes.

A casual, two-hour dinner I attended with Dan in 2015 created more shifts in my thinking and tactics around freelancing than most year-long, twenty thousand dollar mastermind groups I’ve been a part of.  

Dan is THE legend of legends. 

It struck me that Dan wrote books teaching SO MANY different topics – sales, marketing, speaking, humor, time management, copywriting – that all of us have their own “Dan”.  

Our own special Kennedy Mosaic, if you will, that looks and sounds unique compared to anyone else’s.

So I wanted to gather a few of those legends, marketers and copywriters at the very top of our Direct Response mountaintop and have them answer the question: Who’s Your Dan? …

…by sharing a few of their best stories about Dan and the biggest shift in their strategic thinking created by the wisdom of Dan. 

I even paid tribute to Dan’s iconic mustache for the event. For me, Dan’s ability to find humor in everything was #1. 

I’m honored to be joined on this recording by Brian Kurtz, Marcella Allison, Dean Jackson, Melanie Warren, Lori Haller and David Deutsch.


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