Ep 140: Getting Paid (Better) On Results with Joey Percia

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In This Episode

There are a lot of ways to structure deals as a freelancer. 

Once you are comfortable with the conversion triggers of your niche, and confident in your ability to push the right buttons… plus, identify a really good potential partner…

A great deal to make is “performance-based” pay. 

Otherwise known as “results in advance” deals, these put more risk on you up front, with a much bigger upside when your copy converts well. 

So, if you’re tired of bidding flat-fee deals to resistant “what if it doesn’t convert” wary clients… then today’s interview with Joey Percia is going to inspire you all sorts of ways. 


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Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers is a stand up comic turned copywriter and now a copy chief. Kevin is also a best-selling author of The 60-Second Sales Hook. He created Copy Chief to bridge the gap between biz owners eager to improve their sales conversions and copywriters eager to show off their hard-won copy chops.
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