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Ep 139: 8 Rules A-list Freelancers Refuse To Break with Kevin Rogers

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Ep 139: 8 Rules A-list Freelancers Refuse To Break with Kevin Rogers

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In This Episode

Have you ever wanted to kick yourself for saying “yes” to something you KNOW you don’t want to do?

It’s one thing if it costs us an afternoon at a living room “candle party”…

It’s another when it costs you money, and time, by saying “yes” to a client request you know was not part of the deal.

There’s a short set of rules we’ve adopted in my freelancers mastermind group that prevents this from happening.

I’m sharing them with you today on the show.

Short episode from the coffee shop today.

Just you and me hanging out, talking about how to stop compromising, and start loving your freelance business.


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