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Ep 138: Your Copywriting Superpower with Marcella Allison

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Ep 138: Your Copywriting Superpower with Marcella Allison

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In This Episode

Immediately following her talk, the crowd rose to their feet and gave Marcella Allison a standing ovation.

It was the only Standing O in two days of amazing talks by legendary A-Listers at Copy Chief Live. 

Marcella delivered more than just a talk though…

From the moment she started speaking, you could feel the intense energy building. By the end, she captured every person in the room.

As you know, the speakers I invited vowed to share something they’ve never taught before.

Marcella took it further by revealing the challenges her son faces with mental illness. She brings us into a wild car ride to a hospital visit, Springsteen cranked up and crackling through “mom speakers” as she sang along at the top of her lungs. Her son Jake just staring. Sure that she’s finally lost it.

When she isn’t “losing it” in traffic… Marcella is one of the most skilled and sought-after copywriters in the world. 

She is the ONLY copywriter who has worked shoulder-to-shoulder on campaigns with Parris Lampropoulos, Mike Ward, David Deutsch, Mark Ford and Clayton Makepeace. If there is anyone who can teach us something about what it takes to write beyond our current ability, it’s Marcella.

So in this talk, she shared the superpower that led her to work with these high-level names.

You may be surprised to hear the answer.


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