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Ep 137: Tapping Into Your Customer’s Core Desire with Allison Carpio

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Ep 137: Tapping Into Your Customer’s Core Desire with Allison Carpio

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In This Episode

You’ve heard the classic sales adage: “There’s what people SAY they want, and what they really want…”

Our duty, as copywriters, is to tap into that secret Core Desire most people are too shy to name themselves. 

Or maybe they don’t quite realize what they really want themselves until we kindly come along and bring it to light 🙂

Allison Carpio is the leading expert on understanding your customer avatar’s truest Core Desire and how to connect with it in your copy and messaging. 

In today’s interview, Allison walks us through her signature process for reverse engineering the most profitable avatars in different industries, and, most importantly, how to find out what they really want and how to write the copy that will connect with their pain, desire, and everything else.


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