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Ep 134: Ten All-Star Best Things From The Chief Chat

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Ep 134: Ten All-Star Best Things From The Chief Chat

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In This Episode

At least once or twice a month I communicate with my Copy Chief community by doing something fun, a live webinar called the Chief Chat.

During these Chief Chats, we break down each other’s copy, talk about all sorts of marketing goodness, crack each other up and help each other grow.

Plus, I’ll usually ask a few copywriting experts this question:

“What’s the Best Thing you’ve recently learned?”

And for the first time ever (drum roll, please), I’ve compiled ten of their best answers and had them delicately sewn together for this Copy Chief Radio Episode.

This thing’s packed solid with value – insider copy / freelancing advice from names like…

  1. Kevin Rogers – Benefits of Belonging to a Copywriting Community
  2. John Carlton – The Biggest Copywriting Super Power 
  3. Angie Colee – Trusting Directions, or Not
  4. Andy Garrison – The Importance of Accepting the Need to Find Focus
  5. Dean Edelson – Implement Your Ideas Immediately 
  6. Allison Carpio – Have a Step-1 Offer
  7. Ross O’Lochlainn – Why Focusing on Getting Results Builds Confidence
  8. Carrie Carr – Stop Over Preparing
  9. Jimmy Parent – Handling Multiple Leads is a Good Problem
  10. Abbey Woodcock – Say It Straight, Get Results 

These industry gurus talk about the Best Things they’ve ever learned – like the biggest copywriting Super Power, handling multiple leads and the importance of having a Step-1 offer – all juicy secrets that can be career changing.

Having these copy veterans share their expertise with you is a true advantage.

It’s free gold – get yourself an edge from ten pros who’ve been there.

And if you’ve got a Best Thing, join us for our next Chief Chat on July 12 at noon ET and raise your hand to share.

The link to register is down below…


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