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Ep 133: The 8 Secret Sales Sequences with Todd Brown

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Ep 133: The 8 Secret Sales Sequences with Todd Brown

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In This Episode

My friend Todd Brown is known and respected in the industry as a master of the sales funnel. 

Everyone from Russel Brunson to Agora Financial relies on Todd’s consults to squeeze every bit of ROI out of their active sales funnels. 

Todd grew his company on the back of a single acquisition funnel that generated customers day in and day out for 18 months. 

One funnel done correctly can transform your business. 

However, the game has changed with funnels. 

Every decent marketer today is using funnels: segmentation, upsells, etc. 

If you want extraordinary, you can’t do what the ordinary do. 

Approach your next campaign as if it’s the only campaign you’ll ever have in your business. 

This special episode with Todd is about you having a campaign that you can use to grow your business for many months, or even years into the future.

This brand new episode features Todd’s closed door presentation at Copy Chief Live. It’s never been shared outside the walls of Copy Chief before now. 

Todd has generously allowed me to share it with you, and I’m excited to do it. 

If you’ve ever struggled to create a single, straightforward sales funnel that does all your selling, then learning Todd’s 8 Secret Sequences is going to be a revelation that I hope leads to some fat ROI for you.


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