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Ep 128: Life-Saving Copy Lessons From a Former CIA Spy with Jason Hanson

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Ep 128: Life-Saving Copy Lessons From a Former CIA Spy with Jason Hanson

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In This Episode

Jason Hanson spent his first career as a CIA Officer.

Deep undercover in places on the globe most of us would be very careful to never end up.

His job was to position himself in enemy territory, gain the trust of locals, then recruit people to spy for the United States.

It feels like I should not even be allowed to know that, let alone tell you… or ask Jason anything I want about how it all went down.

But thanks to the first amendment, and the fact that Jason has taken his CIA spy skills and turned them into high-level survival tactics we can all use in life and business…

… we get to hear just about EVERYTHING (names and locations are changed to protect identities) that CIA Officers learn and implement to persuade their way into – and out of – the most dangerous scenarios imaginable.

In his thrilling new book, Agent of Influence, Jason reveals the SADR Cycle real life spies use to Spot, Assess, Develop, and Recruit informants and shows you how to apply those same tactics in business.

I even asked Jason what he teaches his 4 kids about surviving in this world full of threats the average person is not trained to recognize.

His answer surprised me.

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