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Ep 127: How Comedians Get Paid with Mike Lukas

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Ep 127: How Comedians Get Paid with Mike Lukas

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In This Episode

Think about your favorite comedian for a second.

If you don’t have one, just think about Jerry Seinfeld.

If you don’t know who Jerry Seinfeld is, it may be time to get rid of your X-Box 🙂

Point is, the fact that you have a favorite comedian, or have ever laughed at any comedian…

… means that comedian faced a major crossroads moment in life — and won.

It probably wasn’t pretty, that first set.

I’ve seen a lot of first sets. It’s a bit like watching a baby deer plop to the ground at birth… a mix of scary, gross, and awe-inspiring.

I’ve never been a fawn, but I do remember my first set, and I imagine the internal dialogue is about the same…

Wait? Me! It’s my turn? I’m not ready. Don’t say my name… ahh shit, too late. (Plop) Wow those lights are bright. I can’t breathe! Mommy! Wait, I am breathing. Oh God, everyone is staring at me. Hey, is that applause? Well, that’s not so bad. Let me steady these legs… ‘What’s up everybody!?’”

On today’s episode of Copy Chief Radio, my guest is Mike Lukas, who is also a stand-up comedian (with two appearances on the Tonight Show), who now makes his living as a freelance writer.

Mike and I share stories about what it takes for comedians to turn pro and make a living telling jokes.

And how those same skills can help any freelancer face that “it’s time” crossroads moment and come out the other side with real paying gigs.


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