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Ep 126: Todd Herman – Alter Ego Effect For Copywriting

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Ep 126: Todd Herman – Alter Ego Effect For Copywriting

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In This Episode

Todd Herman is a rare being…

He sits comfortably at the very top of his field of high-performance coaching, working with elite athletes and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies.

He’s the creator of the 90 Day Year, hailed by many entrepreneurs and freelancers as “life-altering for its ability to transform hectic overload into clear actions that actually get done.”

He’s one of the brightest and most innovative marketers in the online education space, eschewing the typical guru party mega-launch model and instead empowering his happy customers to spread the word, and earn money, as affiliates.

Yet, there’s so much we didn’t know about Todd the man, and how he works with clients so famous he can’t even name them.

Until now.

Todd and I dove right in and the “Holy Sh*t!” moments started flying.

I guarantee you will come away inspired from this episode!

Can’t Miss Moments:

[1:20] Todd reveals how this hilarious “axe murderer” technique transforms anxiety-riddled freelancers into closing machines with “Clint Eastwood” levels of confidence (amazingly, this scientifically proven secret jams you with 16 years of raw confidence in just a few hours—tripling your income potential almost overnight)

[7:20] Todd accidentally confesses his unusual opinion about copywriters (that will make you explode with ear-to-ear grinning excitement!) Put his unexpected phrase on your website, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile to trigger a new influx of shockingly qualified leads who chase YOU for work!

[11:20] How the “Gillig Switch” instantly rewires your brain into thinking like a master copywriter, letting you finally see copy through the eyes of Carlton, Caples, & Schwartz (skip the hand-copying “practice” and do this 20 second breakthrough instead).

[16:20] Are you making this embarrassing—yet common—mistake in your copy? Here’s the “little blue pill” that arouses limp copy into an exciting JACKHAMMER of a sales pitch that leaves your customers satisfied, and begging for more (whisper this sweet nothing before you write, then watch as your fingers explode with the creative frenzy of a pro-level copywriter in seconds).

[23:50] THEY WILL THANK YOU! When those miserable bastards ask you to work for free…. here’s what to say that makes them desperate to hand you all their money upfront (without ever “asking for the sale”)

[29:05] Here’s how to slam the eject button on a “holy sh*t” bad situation without publicly cremating your career.

[32:20] Workaholics anonymous? Here’s how to never feel guilty about your work life balance again (and what to say to your spouse & kids so they’ll support you no matter HOW much you work).

[36:20] “I’m burning down my house, running away, and quitting copywriting forever because I’m a fraud!” If your brain is sabotaging your career, then discover how this simple trick (learned from our favorite bootyshakin’ Beyonce) could instantly cure your impostor syndrome. (IMPORTANT NOTE: one copywriter claims he used this technique to close a $15k client in 45 minutes, when he’s never before closed a client in his life!)

[37:16] The hard ass advice from Mr. Rogers that guarantees you’ll never get ghosted by a client ever again (this ALONE could literally double your profits while cutting your prospecting time in HALF).

Those crazy-good bullets were written by Jimmy Parent. He won our Bullet The Podcast contest in Copy Chief.

You can learn more about Jimmy and even see over his shoulder while he writes these bullets when you join his list here.


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