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Ep 125: Ryan Levesque – The Single Most Important Decision You’ll Make in Business

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Ep 125: Ryan Levesque – The Single Most Important Decision You’ll Make in Business

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In This Episode

There are a lot of reasons to be impressed with Ryan Levesque…

  • He uses his education in neuroscience to write next level persuasive copy
  • Inc. ranked his book “Ask” the #1 Marketing Book of the Year
  • He completely disrupted the marketing industry with his Ask Method, helping thousands of business owners understand their customers and sell better
  • He pulled off two of the most successful product launches this decade, innovating the traditional PLF method with list segmentation that has become the new industry standard

But sometimes in business, your best move forward is to take a step back.

That’s what Ryan’s done with his new book, Choose.

See, through coaching thousands of business owners and freelancers in the Ask Method, he realized people who struggled to succeed in growing their business had a common problem…

They struggled to choose a market.

So, Ryan decided to tackle their problem (which is also his problem) head on by engineering a system any enthusiastic but inexperienced business owner can use to match their skills and passion with their perfect market.


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