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Ep 129: Where Con Artists and Copywriters Collide with Richard Armstrong

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Ep 129: Where Con Artists and Copywriters Collide with Richard Armstrong

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In This Episode

In Richard Armstrong’s new fiction novel, The Don Con, we follow a two-bit New York con artist and small-time actor (whose single claim to fame is a background role on the Sopranos) as he gets cornered into joining a big heist job that, let’s just say, he is ill-equipped to pull off.

Sounds a bit like how copywriters go into projects…

Feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, counting on our instincts and network to get us out alive.

That’s no coincidence, actually.

Richard Armstrong is a longtime (and deeply respected) direct response copywriter first, and a novelist second. He explains in our conversation…

  • Why he never planned to write fiction novels, then discovered he’s pretty damn good at it…
  • Why he chose to write about con artists, and how his research revealed a frightening number of similarities to what copywriters do…
  • How writing fiction has made him a better copywriter…

Plus, you’ll get your hands on Richard’s excellent free download, How To Talk Anybody Into Anything  – Persuasion Secrets of The World’s Greatest Con Men.

Can’t Miss Moments

[6:15] “I probably killed about five grandmothers.” – How Richard cleverly disguised his life to write 4 books while being an in-demand copywriter. (Warning: This may not be for you!)

[8:20] Richard’s secret to painting hyper-realistic mafia life in his book…even when he’s never been involved with one before. (This is powerful research ritual you need to do BEFORE writing a word…and it has nothing to do with the internet.)

[11:40] Hiring copywriters? Lookout for these 2 must-have traits that will decide if they’re stealing your money or flooding your business with massive back-end profits.

[12:25] Discover 44 sneaky “legal lies” to turn cold prospects into raving fans almost instantly – including the most beautiful sound in the world you MUST know to snap a prospect’s focus back to your copy.

[16:30] Where to find a FREE 1-minute crash course on injecting Tarantino-like story tension so you transform limp stories into addictive page-turners.

[22:40] When it pays to NOT listen to your market: Richard reveals why he stubbornly went against his readers…and still achieved a “6 Star Funny” glory on Amazon.

[24:40] Lead readers down a greased slide using Richard’s advice for crafting an irresistible lead (even John Carlton fell for it and finished the book in just 2 nights).

[27:33] Why con men pounce on smart people…and how to turn this into an unfair advantage to find customers desperate to hand you money.

[30:35] How to be a monster closer on the phone: Kevin reveals the tell-tale sign to “speed read” prospects quickly and maximize your cold calling success.

[29:35] 3 hidden cues to spot hungry customers with pinpoint accuracy…effective no matter what market you’re in right now.

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