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Ep 115: Price yourself with confidence with Laura Belgray

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Ep 115: Price yourself with confidence with Laura Belgray

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In This Episode

Pricing, huh?

It’s the trickiest part of business.

Yet, some people make it look so easy.

Like my friend, Laura Belgray.

She lists three simple ways clients can buy their way onto her calendar.

It’s always a flat fee, and it ain’t cheap.

She recently raised her price again because of simple supply and demand.

Whenever a freelance copywriter or consultant is collecting a handsome fee for their time and expertise, I know there’s a system in place.

Laura has a great system that she calls C.R.E.D. and she generously broke it down for us during our latest interview.

“Can’t Miss” Moments

Laura and I dove into some other topics as well, including…

  • Hear Laura’s insider take on how to feature more women at your next event (and why you should). And, no, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or lower your standards. You might even need to raise them. [3:50]
  • “But I’ve been saying that all my life!” Why language matters outside of copywriting and how a little effort can make your colleagues and customers feel included. Hint: Grandpa might not be the best role model. [7:00]
  • Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Laura explains why writing a controversial article is worth it even when it attracts hate-tweets like bees to a Coke can and how she uses empathy to shake ’em off. [16:10]
  • “You wanna work with me, cost be damned?” Laura reveals the magic of her Emergency Power Hour rate, how limited availability supports it, and why she loves white space on her calendar. [20:30]
  • Do you have enough C.R.E.D.? Don’t even think about raising your rates until you understand Laura’s checklist to determine if it’s time to start charging more for your services. Lean in as Laura details how a basic economic concept enabled her to steadily increase her hourly rate from $250 to $1450. [21:35]
  • Why higher rates actually do your clients a favor and how VIP service employs perceived value to keep you and your clients happy. [24:50]
  • A sneak peak inside Laura’s trademarked onboarding document reveals how a few questions provide clarity and help her clients better understand how to serve their customers. Hear how this simple step provides value before she even gets on the call! [26:35]
  • Rambling client? Perfect. Laura explains how she uncovers the golden nuggets in her client’s words. Use her mirroring technique to look like a genius even though you’re just being a discerning parrot. [28:55]
  • Should you eat four pounds of meat or just candy canes everyday? Kev and Laura riff on fad diets and explain why magical claims are no substitute for experience. Hear how being in it for the long haul allows you to focus on the task at hand. And learn why trying to “speed past the cones” is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a freelancer. [32:55]
  • Forest for the Trees/The Claps and the Fury….Learn why Kev isn’t impressed when you copy edit his emails….Discover the untapped value in reading replies even when you have a team who is willing to do it for you. [39:20]

BTW, those sexy bullets were written by Joshua Bowen, who edged out 23 other writers in our “Bullet The Podcast” challenge inside Copy Chief. Congrats to Joshua and all the copywriters who wrote a lot of sharp bullets for this episode.

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #115 with Laura Belgray on Pricing with Confidence.



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