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Ep 114: Content Marketing Gone Wild with Daniel Daines-Hutt

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Ep 114: Content Marketing Gone Wild with Daniel Daines-Hutt

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In This Episode

Content is an overlooked part of our job as direct response copywriters.

Whether you’re using it for client research, creating it along with the copy, or guiding it through consultation, you SHOULD have a hand in your clients’ content to make sure all the messages match.

It will boost the results of your copy every time.

That’s why I’m excited to bring Daniel Daines-Hutt onto this week’s Copy Chief Radio episode.

Daniel is a direct response advertiser who happens to be better known for his content marketing strategies. He teaches people how to write less often, but get more traffic, over at Amp My Content.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to write content more effectively, plus how to promote and leverage it.

(Just check out some of Daniel’s case studies in the Resources section below)

There are 6 key elements to converting new customers using content, which is Daniel’s method for writing content that “influencers” are looking for.

Go check out the newest episode with Daniel Daines-Hutt here.

Second, the beauty of Daniel’s method is…

If you improve your content to meet those elements, and promote it organically via email, you’re most likely to get others to promote and share before influencers see it.


Simply because it hits those triggers that influencers are already looking for.

This episode is fast-paced and packed with light bulb moments.

Dive in…


The 30,000 paid content promotion guide

How to improve old content to meet that ‘killer’ criteria

How to get high optin rates with Hyper Specific Offers

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