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Ep 113: A Productivity Survival Guide for Independent Workers with Kevin Rogers

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Ep 113: A Productivity Survival Guide for Independent Workers with Kevin Rogers

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In This Episode

Until recently, I’ve been working WAY too much.

And would reach the end of the day with that nasty feeling that nothing very important was getting done.

If you’ve been an independent entrepreneur for more than a year, I bet you share these feelings.

We know we should be working less IN the business and more ON the business.

But, there’s no simple switch you can flip and make this happen.

I struggled for years trying every system to be more productive…

I tried…

  • Theming my days
  • Eating frogs
  • Whiteboarding big tasks

I’d gain incremental improvements, but nothing that stuck.

Until last December.

That’s when the shift finally happened.

I discovered 4 simple steps to staying productive, reducing overwhelm, and actually finding JOY in all phases of work again.

Even when it feels like the whole world needs you.

Check it out in the new CCR episode here.

If you’re a creative type who happens to be a freelancer, I think this is going to help you take back your day and stay in control.


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