Ep 100: The Unique Strategy of Preeminence with Eric Bakey

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In This Episode

I met Eric a couple of years ago when he joined Copy Chief, and then my coaching program, Real Free Life.

He was fresh off an intense and honorable stint the U.S. Army and ready to take the marketing world by storm.

I knew right away he was either going to have an incredible, Gary Halbert-like career full of epic wins and losses, or he would burn bridges and flame out before anyone even learned his name.

Not only has Eric not flamed out, he’s quickly risen to the upper ranks of the marketing and copywriting world, where he’s gained solid footing as a specialist in finding creative solutions to complex marketing problems.

You can see Eric’s brain at work in his colorfully animated “mindmaps” that he began drawing out of necessity as a way to harness his scattered thoughts.

He’s now been “recruited by the Yankees” and will be settling in for a bit at Agora Financial where Joe Schriefer and the crew will put Eric’s unique powers to work in some interesting ways, to be sure.  But it almost didn’t happen.

“The first time they flew me there I was a total jerk,” Eric admits in our talk, “I wanted to make sure they didn’t hire me.”

Prepare to be entertained and inspired about how sometimes the best way to avoid failing is by pushing for it harder.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Discover why Eric once refused to talk about his military background (and how relenting to it turned out to be the “secret weapon” to bulletproof client relationships.)
  • “Which desk is mine? Oh I see, its the one with the cage around it” – and other true confessions from behind the scenes at Agora Financial…
  • How Eric used Jay Abraham’s “strategy of preeminence” to quickly land high-level clients and charge premium prices. (Plus, how you can use it to boost your fees… IF you can deliver results)…
  • Freelancers: Want to build your list and create massive momentum for your business? Forget what you think people want to hear, and do what Eric did… start “scratching your own itch” instead…
  • The single dumbest mistake even pro-level copywriters make to piss off clients and get fired! (Good news: all it takes to avoid this career killer is not doing THIS!)
  • Learn Eric’s “cartoon strip” trick for telling a story that’s more accurate “than reality itself”…
  • The 3 critical components Eric credits with fueling his most successful direct response campaigns. (Surprise: None of them are related to copy.)
  • How Eric used Jay Abraham’s “strategy of preeminence” to quickly land high-level clients and charge premium prices. (Plus, how you can use it to boost your fees… IF you can deliver results)…
  • The “High Tide Raises All Ships” framework Eric used to determine if a full-time gig with Agora Financial was right for him. (If you’re thinking about working in-house as a copywriter, then you NEED to listen to this…)
  • “What would I need to do to get fired?” – Why Eric purposely sabotaged his first interview at Agora Financial (and why his question only made them want him more!)
  • Kevin and Eric reveal a rebellious mental shift that creates “future money” for your best clients (priming them to hire you again and again)…

Bullets expertly written by several Copy Chief members – Gretchen Oris, Chetan Belgur, Antonio Perez, Kenneth Melo, and Derek Bouthilette.


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