When Tania was 18-years-old she wanted to become a teacher.

She found a company that would pay to send her to school overseas, and place her with a company teaching Art and English Literature. 

“It was a ten-year contract that dictated every step of my life,” she explains in the video.

When you’re eighteen and looking for an opportunity to change your life, you have no idea what will become important to you when you’re twenty-eight. 

It wasn’t long before Tania (Her “American name” for TzeQing) felt trapped in the life she pursued so vigorously as a teenager. 

When she discovered copywriting, she saw a way out.

“When I stumbled on direct-response copywriting, everything I loved came together for me. I could tie together my love for stories and characters… With my often wild and crazy ideas… Through a well-paid form of writing with tangible, measurable results.”

“Freedom” is the number one term the copywriters I coach use to describe their driving force. 

Yet, we all have our own definition of the word. 

For Tania, the definition of freedom was clear: “… the freedom and independence to set my own schedule, and to travel.”

But, she was scared. 

“This time last year, when I left (the teaching job), I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to deal with rejection.”

It’s that fear that stops many talented people from facing rejection head-on. 

Us humans are programmed to avoid rejection, and when we do face it, to move quickly away from it and go in a new direction. 

The most difficult aspects of this life we’ve chosen for ourselves happen when we’re alone. 

Just you and your instincts.

There are two kinds of instincts: Innate and Educated

Innate instincts can be helpful in the right situation. 

Trusting your instinct to not approach a car with a shady-looking driver who is asking for directions could save your life. 

Giving in to your innate instinct to avoid hearing “no” when you’re going after something you want, can cause you to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Every single story of a person you follow and admire – from business leaders to famous authors, to rock stars – involves a LOT of rejection. 

They wear it as a badge of honor.

It symbolizes those moments when they leapt into the gory trench of rejection and made it out alive. Then did it again and again until hearing “no” only empowered you to forge ahead, with greater resolve, towards the imminent “yes.”

Those “yeses” become the highlighted dots on our personal timeline.

Without all the “nos” along the way, there are no dots. 

Only a thin, long line of sameness.

All because we refused to face the chance of rejection. 

Tania fought past that fear.

As a result, her driving force to become a high-level financial copywriter is so strong that now SHE is the one rejecting (very lucrative) offers that threaten to stand in the way of her goal. 

In the two weeks since the conversation she and I had in the video below, Tania has been courted by financial publishers (despite all the layoffs you’ve been hearing about in that industry right now) and turned down a near six-figure offer to join a copy team in a different niche. 

She asked me, in private, about that decision.

She understandably didn’t want to miss a golden opportunity, but her instinct about it was not yet educated.

My advice was simple and direct: “Trust your instincts. The ________ opportunity will be there. Keep building toward your goal.” 

As was her reply: “Got it. Thanks! Will let you know how it goes.”

How’s that for confidence? 

“Got it. Thanks.”

Yes, she’s trusting me. More importantly, she’s trusting herself.

I can only guide someone who has identified their driving force and are very clear on their goals. 

My role is to help you navigate the road in front of you – and open doors along the way. 

Being a good mentor to freelance copywriters is a privilege I’ve earned for nearly twenty years of overcoming fears, accepting rejection, correcting (painful) mistakes along the way, and gaining “yes” dots on the timeline.

I want that for you, too. 

But you have to want it more. 

If you do, go here and tell me where you are on your journey right now

No matter where you are, I’ll give you resources to help. 

Including my personal guidance, if you want it.

This is one of those moments to consider your instincts.  

Then, answer these questions.

Just do it now, because assembling the new group of copywriters I’ll be working with personally ends on Sept 1. 

Here’s a short clip of my recent conversation with Tania. You can see the full journey of her emotions and what freedom means to her in just 90 seconds. Powerful stuff. 

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