It’s halftime of 2022. 

How’re you feeling about everything? 

Plans can go to shit fast when we’re not aligned with our goals. 

Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what you want. 

Why are we SO good at seeing other people’s best options, and go completely blind on our own? 

Lots of reasons, actually. 

Too many options…

Too little time to focus on your own stuff…

Too little trust in the people offering the solutions. 

I feel you.

I’ve been guilty of all but the last one. 

Mentors have been everything to me.

And it’s been an “embarrassment of riches” to call people like…

John Carlton

Todd Brown

James Schramko

Jessica Mae Stafford

Parris Lampropoulos

Rhonda Britten

Jesse Elder

Dean Jackson 

And so many other TRUE MENTORS.

Cuz, man… when you truly TRUST your mentor, everything becomes clear. 

Distractions and information overwhelm fade away.

Decisions become clear.

Confidence skyrockets. 

Even better, though…

You find this “next gear” you didn’t know you had for getting things done. 

For instance…

Tomorrow (as I write this) I’m getting on a plane to Vegas to spend six hours with Perry Belcher

If you haven’t heard of Perry, he’s the co-founder of Digital Marketer and the Traffic & Conversion Conference with Ryan Deiss (and many other businesses).

He’s universally considered one of the smartest and most successful marketers of the last 20 years. 

So, when he said to me casually (at John Carlton’s recent mastermind) that he’d “be happy to spend a half day with me” to share how he would help me grow my business to $10M

I said “yes, please” without blinking, and had the flight booked before lunch was over. 

That’s right…

I’ve (gleefully) blocked off three days of my life, and fourteen hours in an airplane, just to sit with Perry for six hours.

(Yes, Zoom was an option, but he mentioned he prefers to do these in-person, and so do I)

The value I’ll get from my time with Perry has already begun because preparing for this meeting is forcing me to scrutinize my marketing data deeper than ever. 

I’ve already filled out his 40-question assessment, and I’m preparing notes on anything else I expect him to ask about. 

Some of it makes me proud, other parts make me cringe

Interesting this about this is: I don’t personally know Perry much at all. 

We’ve met only twice.

Yet, we KNOW a lot about each other. 

From seeing each other’s work. 

And, even more so, from the people who connect us

People of character surround themselves with people of character. 

They also prune away the bad seeds. 

It’s part nature, and part reputation protection. 

And it works as a handy filter for the rest of us. 

So, except for the very rare exception, you can reliably trust your assumptions about someone the people you respect associate with. 

(That, by the way, is the true definition of “networking” – getting into circles that connect to other circles and open doors. Not handing out business cards.)

It’s been the same with all of my mentors, too. 

I didn’t know them too well at the time, yet, when it became clear to me WHAT I needed help with, I knew instinctively WHO I should seek help from. 

When I wanted to become a great copywriter, it was John Carlton.

When I was ready to improve my marketing, it was Dean Jackson.

When I needed to level up my business, it was James Schramko.

When it was time to dial in my finances, it was Jessica Mae Stafford.

When I was ready to expand my thinking, it was Jesse Elder. 

Every one of them has had a profound, life-altering impact on me. 

And there will, no doubt, be more mentors in my life.

That’s why I feel privileged to be trusted as a mentor for so many marketers and copywriters these days. 

Even more so, to run a community where every member can get help from not only me, but an incredible group of people who represent the next wave of great coaches and mentors. 

People who are more active and qualified than me in several subjects.

Several times I said to John Carlton, “How could I ever repay you for all you’ve done for me?”

He always had the same answer, “Just be generous with the lessons. You’ll know when people need it and how to give it to them.”

So, whether your halftime 2022 game plan is to keep putting points on the board, or you need to completely re-adjust the one you came in with…

I’m interested in helping you

Send me an email at [[email protected]] and tell me how things are going and what you’d like to do better. 

I’ll read them all and get back to you. 

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