One of my all-time heroes is Jim Rohn.

An inspiring motivational speaker and author, Rohn also knows how to give good quote.

(My favorite of Jim’s is: “Never wish life were easier; wish that you were better.” Incredible.)

One subject he talks a lot about is mentors. It’s a subject that has resonated with me throughout my copywriting career and since launching Copy Chief.

He talks about seeking mentors, and being a good person to a mentee.

It’s something I’m always aware of that I call “the mentee mindset”.

I remember the first time I paid somebody to coach me in something.

To be honest with you, he wasn’t the greatest coach I ever hired.

It was only $400 (at the time though, that seemed a LOT of money).

But it was life-changing.

I paid the guy on a Friday and our first call was going to be on Monday.

What I accomplished Saturday and Sunday literally changed my business.

And it was simply because I started to think “he’s going to ask me about this, and he’s going to ask me about this” and I didn’t have any of that stuff done.

I knew he’d say, “let me see your website, let me see your this sales page” and I just instantly realized EVERYTHING I’d been meaning to do but still hadn’t.

Because I was willing to be mentored, and I embraced the beginner’s mindset, I wanted to have all those things done before I started so I wasn’t embarrassed when I got on the call with this guy.

I scrambled all weekend and had everything finished before our first call on Monday.

That was the revelation.

All we need to do to succeed is set a deadline and find a way to make them a priority.

Look how fast I got mine done. All because I had invested in myself and wanted to get the most bang for my buck. 

Becoming a mentor to others was also another life-changing experience.

You see, being a good teacher is the best way to learn anything.

If you have to teach it, you will learn it better than anybody else in the room.

And, again, in teaching you have to embrace a beginner’s mindset.

The beginner’s mindset gives you the power to keep learning, no matter how long you’ve worked in your profession or sector or industry.

How long have you been in the business of copywriting, marketing or entrepreneurship?

It’s easy for anyone to say, “I’ve heard it all”.

“I’ve read everything.”

“Nothing’s new to me anymore.”

But, if you’re willing to hear it all again for the first time then you’re learning everyday.

That’s what keeps it exciting.

Although I successfully mentor freelance copywriters and marketers today, I still embrace this beginner’s mindset.

And I still actively seek mentors to guide me, who will open my mind, push me and hold my feet to the fire.

Want to know the best way to choose a mentor?

Well, here’s what I do.

If I’m paying you handsome sums of money to mentor me, my criteria is this: if I speak with you, and learn about your program, and feel like I’m going to be the best case study you ever had, then I know it’s a yes.

Actually, it feels more like a “HELL YES!”.

If I don’t feel that same inspiration, it’s like “meh… maybe it’ll be worth it” then I know it’s not going to be an inspired experience and I usually take a pass.

So look for mentors who inspire you to level up, feel challenged, and get excited by the results you imagine you’ll get from the experience.

I’d love to hear your opinion…

Tell me who has been a mentor that inspires you, and why?