In a world where people are trained to share every mundane detail of their lives just to feel relevant.

Where every trip to the ER, passing of a grandparent, or dog in a cast is milked like an almond for heart squeeze emojis…

Where every beachy sunset, greasy cheeseburger, and spontaneous shoe purchase has people photoing and filtering for the perfect shot to prove that they are winning at life…

And every small favor, kind gesture, and donation to the Salvation Army is detailed with gushing pride in a way that makes it “totally not about me”…

Perhaps, the greatest way to show real character is knowing when to shut the fuck up. 

The ability to keep a secret is a rare human trait.

Here, I’ll prove it. 

Right now, think of a person you’d trust with a secret. 

Do you see them in your mind?

Okay, good. 

Now think of people you would NOT trust with a secret.

Crowded room, eh?

Pretty noisy in there, too, I’m guessing.

Now, if a friend were conducting this test, which group would you be in?

Holding onto a secret is difficult because the temptation to blab is so powerful.

Being the person with inside information shows others that you are “in the know.”

The crime begins with that eight-word assault on trust: “I’m probably not supposed to say anything, but…”

Everyone leans in, perks up, and reacts with gratifying “OH MY GOD. NO WAY?” responses equal to a stand-up comic leveling the room with a thunder clap punchline.

It’s a dopamine dump of the finest kind. 

Top self-shit, aged to perfection.

But, like a good shot of tequila, the whooping gratification is fleeting and quickly turns against you the more you indulge.

Hangovers from indulging in private information are far worse than waking up on the beach with a hammering headache, and missing those fancy shoes you posted so proudly the night before. 

A greasy cheeseburger and an aspirin will put you back in the game.

But, the hangover from spilling a friend’s tea?

Those leave permanent scars. 

Scars you might not even see in the mirror. 

They’re visible to everyone else though.

And now you’ll never be in the know.

Something to think about.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go post this on Facebook. 

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