• 1:00 Meet two great thinkers of the new AI copywriting world
  • 7:00 Why copywriters are so afraid of GPT (and the pro writers’ secret to staying sane)
  • 15:00 How to stay ahead of the curve as GPT4 takes the world by storm
  • 30:00 Step-by-step tips for using ChatGPT in your copywriting process
  • 35:00 Why most newbie copywriters struggle to use ChatGPT
  • 45:00 A data scientist’s thoughts on AI and copywriting (Hint: it won’t take your job away)
  • 50:00 Why creatives have a golden opportunity to lead the “new renaissance”
  • 55:00  The 100-year vision: how to disrupt a dystopian tech future led by robots

Join the LIVE meetup in St. Pete, FL April 26-28 ➡️ copychief.com/stpete

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