During World War I, the British Army believed high morale was the key to victory.

And what builds morale better than love notes and care packages from home?

So they developed an efficient way to deliver 12 million heart-wrenching letters to active-duty soldiers… every week.

Here’s an excerpt from a real letter sent home during WWI:

December 5, 1918

Dear Patty,

Just a few lines to thank you for a letter. I hope you have got over your flu.

Patty, I’m going to talk serious to you.

I think when I get settled I would like to get married. I’m not one at putting it very well, but I think for your sake… if you think the same way… we ought to get engaged.

I think you know what I am, and pretty well all about me, and if you decide my way, I will do my best to make you a good husband and a comfortable home.

Patty don’t be frightened to tell me what you think.

Yours, Horace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How did it turn out? Horace and Patty married in May 1920. They were together for nearly 60 years.

Love Notes From Your Customer’s Brain


This got me thinking about other kinds of love notes. And what makes people move forward with any decision.

So, I have to ask:

What if your sales copy was so strong, that your customer’s brain sent love notes like this one:

Dear Self,

This decision is a complete no-brainer. Love, Your Brain

P.S. I checked in with Gut Instinct, and she’s totally on board. Let’s go!

Cool, right? But here’s the rub:

This only works if your sales copy has 2 critical elements in place. And. The way you handle those ingredients differs depending on whether you are writing to men or women.

If you had something like that in place, you’d know exactly how much of each ingredient to add. And this would create the perfect opportunity to close ideal sales, more often.

And there’s plenty of brain science to back this up.

In fact, fMRI brain scans show that before women get excited about an idea, 3 safety sensors must light up.

That means:

No safety = No decision. It’s that simple.

The customer’s brain makes sure of it.

Think about it: You could be losing sales right now… just because you didn’t know this one simple thing.

Let’s solve that right now.

To help you write “brain-friendly” sales copy that creates high-quality sales and long-term customers… I developed the Safety-Excitement Scale.

Think of the Safety-Excitement Scale As A Breakfast Food


Imagine that it’s your turn to make Sunday brunch.

And you’re craving pancakes.

Now. Mouth-watering pancakes require certain amounts of flour, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, and baking soda.

The ingredients matter. The proportions matter.

Once you nail the structure, you’re free to express your creative genius in the kitchen any way you like.

A word of caution: Don’t abandon the core structure. If you do, you’re likely to end up with an inedible mess. (Plus, you’ll still be hungry and that’s annoying every time.)

Here Are the Ingredients You Need to Make Delicious Sales Letters That Close Sales and Create Happy Customers… Fast.


First, you need safety. Second, you need excitement.

On the safety side, the ingredients are:

  • Appropriate: “Is this right for me?”
  • Self-aware: “Do I belong here?”
  • Environment: “Is this safe?”

One the Excitement side of the scale, the ingredients are:

  1. Love: Do you appreciate me?
  2. Celebration: Will others see me as a success?
  3. Knowledge: Do I understand everything correctly?
  4. Entertainment: Is this going to be fun?
  5. Empowerment: Am I in control of what happens next?
  6. Community: Am I welcome here (along with my life and people)?

Why Does This Work?

woman deciding

There are 5 Decision Power Principles that drive this whole process:

  1. Men and women’s brains have all the same parts, but they’re organized differently.
  2. Men like safety, however women require safety.
  3. Without safety as a baseline, women’s brains will just ignore anything else you say.
  4. If men are excited enough, they will ignore safety.
  5. Reinforcing safety as you increase excitement, increases your chances of closing the sale… for both men and women.

The trick is to get your customer’s brain working with you instead of against you… or worse… ignoring you altogether.

How to Increase Excitement for  Your Offer (Without Scaring Off the Women, or Boring the Men)

Imagine a child’s train set with those cute little rail cars all lined up at the depot.

On the left side you see 3 safety triggers: a gas station, and fix-it shop, and a warehouse.

On the right side, you see 6 excitement triggers: a launcher, a tall roller coaster, some hills, a bridge,  a cool shadowy tunnel, and a switch track. (Hint: the power is in the switch track.)

This is your little world. Your train track. Your cars.

So, you roll along the track making those happy “chugga-chugga choo-choo” whistling sounds.

Each time you go around the complete track, you increase the impact of the excitement. This makes each new level of excitement feel safe and easy to enjoy.

If you’re writing to men, go through the safety side of the track once in awhile. If you’re writing to women, go around both sides of the track lots and lots of times.

This is how you’ll increase sales and get more ideal customers. It will also decrease refunds and customer service headaches.

The Big Take-away:

The next time you write copy, ask yourself:

  • Have I created enough safety for my reader?
  • Have I created enough excitement around my product?

This is how you’ll help your prospects make good buying decisions. And that’s what creates happy, long-term customers.

To learn more about how to increase sales and get more ideal customers by striking the perfect balance of safety and excitement in your sales letters and emails, go here: Download your free report “The 9 Hidden Questions”.



  1. First World War Love Letters From The Trenches (The bit about buying an engagement ring is priceless.)
  2. How did 12 million letters reach WW1 soldiers each week?


PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
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100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

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