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Hi @Lizzie – good question about the “wrong bonuses” killing the sale.

If you’ve ever shopped for Internet Marketing courses you’ll see endless examples of too many bonuses, and some examples of wrong bonuses, too.

Then, of course, there’s the ultimate: Way too many of the wrong bonuses!

The over-bonusing idea in junk-marketer thinking is that if you heap a bunch of garbage like old programs, interviews and reports on top of a low price product, then your buyer will think “Well there must be $27 worth the value in there somewhere.”

That may have been true in 2003, but these days buyers want less volume and more focus. So it’s not unusual to lose the sale by offering too many bonuses that overwhelm your prospect.

The best way to avoid this is to think of one or two add ons that enhance the value of the product. Think of adding bonuses that help your customer…

– Get faster results (like a quick start guide to a multi-module system)
– See their progress (with apps they can load or even worksheets they can print)
– Engage more (with access to a community, live hangouts with you, etc.)

Those are just a few ideas, the important thing is that your bonuses supplement and enhance the main product, not just clutter up your users hard drive with more stuff to feel guilty about never using.

Do you have any bonus ideas in mind for your offers?

One quick idea for your husband’s real estate video service would be a guide on staging a home for photos and video. That would be a cool bonus and right in line with the service.

Something like “10 Easy Home Staging Tricks For Amazing Real Estate Photos and Videos” would be super easy to create and help get your prospect excited about working with you.

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