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Ep 91: How Copy Can Save Your PPC Campaigns (AdWords Case Study) with Zach Goldie

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Ep 91: How Copy Can Save Your PPC Campaigns (AdWords Case Study) with Zach Goldie

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In This Episode

Back when I started out in direct response, the fastest way to generate new leads was using Google AdWords. These days, Facebook Ads is all the rage.

But if you’re a business owner, you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between the two? And isn’t Facebook cheaper?”

To answer that, I invited Zach Goldie on Copy Chief Radio. Zach is a longtime member of Copy Chief who is a copywriter turned AdWords specialist. He’s focused on B2B advertising on Google. Today we’re going to share a case study from Zach on how you can use copy to save your AdWords campaigns.

Can’t-miss Moments

  • The subtle differences between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords most business owners aren’t aware of (and which is the right choice for your business)
  • AdWords Case Study: How Zach used copy to turn a failing AdWords campaign to success
  • What to expect if you had $500 to spend today on traffic


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