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Ep 9: The Truth About Ben Settle

The Truth About Marketing - Episode 9 - The Truth About Ben Settle
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Ep 9: The Truth About Ben Settle


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02:20 – Why Ben mysteriously received a crate of beer on his doorstep three months in a row

03:28 – A painful mistake marketers make that guarantees customers and clients look down on you, hold power over you, and pay you only a fraction of what you’re worth (are you guilty of this?)

06:17 – How recycling old emails can result in higher sales than when they were originally sent

07:15 – How tracking your email open rates can dramatically increase the performance of any offer you make (and how ignoring this can cost you a fortune)

09:20 – Why Ben doesn’t trust open rates… and how listening to them would’ve cost him a ton of sales

11:30 – How Ben quickly knocks out killer subject lines day after day… and the dead-simple way to choose the best one

13:30 – Secrets from The Tonight Show’s comedy “war room” for creating killer material (Ben applies these same tactics instinctively)

15:55 – Mel Gibson’s “Three E” approach to creating hit movies (and how it can help you write better emails)

17:36 – The “Personality Transplant” method instantly jolt life into a dead personality and communicate in a way that captivates and engages your audience (Kevin swears at least one big-name marketer did this)

21:59 – “If they hadn’t given me that book… I would’ve burgled the library”

25:02 – How you can increase your sales volume… by charging more

26:57 – Why Ben out-converted several big-name marketers on a high-ticket item (hint: it’s not because he’s a great copywriter)

28:05 – Ben’s criteria for promoting an affiliate offer (and why he doesn’t like participating in product launches)

30:36 – The “azzhole buyer blacklist” – why Ben and Kevin have each manually blocked people from buying from them

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The Ben Settle Show podcast


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