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Ep 85: Rebecca Rosman – How To Show Up Big On Your First Copy Gig

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Ep 85: Rebecca Rosman – How To Show Up Big On Your First Copy Gig

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In This Episode

Many freelancers struggle for months to land at first client.

… but what happens when you land your first gig before you intend to?

That’s what happened to my guest today, Rebecca Rosman.

Rebecca showed up to Copy Chief Live to meet friends from the community and get a feel for the industry.

Despite months of studying and practicing the craft, she wasn’t sure she was ready to take on a client yet.

As a result of her “organic” style of networking, a few conversations later she was being offered a paid test project with a major publisher.

Hearing how this went down for Rebecca will provide some great lessons about attracting the right clients for your style and skillset.

However, it’s what she did once she landed the gig and had to produce in a niche she found very foreign to her style that you’ll really put to use.

If you love dissecting control copy to reverse engineer the “magic behind the copy” then you’ll love this episode.


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