Ep 84: Matt Mason – From Zero Freelance Gigs To Being Courted By The Big Publishers

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In This Episode

What does it take for a raw beginner to work with some of the top names in the direct response industry?

Back in October, I hosted Copy Chief Live.

If you didn’t get to attend, the event was all about connecting pro copywriters with business owners who needed writers.

Everything about the event was great – the people, the talks, and the hangout time – and now we’re seeing the result of this event…

Which is writers are being hired to write for big league publishers like Agora Financial.

Not just hired for small jobs, but being flown around the country so that they can decide where they’d like to work.

I’m proud to share this conversation with Copy Chief member Matt Mason who went from zero freelance gigs a couple months ago to being hired to a team that scrutinizes copy every single day.

He shares some painful lessons about his journey to becoming hired by Money Map Press – like being broke with no gigs, and almost not getting hired because of a single sentence.


Download the episode here

P.S Did you know you can listen right on the Copy Chief app? Super cool. Download app for Apple users. Download app for Android users. Totally badass and totally free.

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