Ep 72: Freelancer’s Guide To Closing Deals (Part 1) with Casey Stanton

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In This Episode

“Sales is developing relationships with people, so that when they have a need… they come to YOU to solve it. That’s sales.” Casey said during our interview. “If you’re just in it to squeeze money out of as many people as possible… you’re not gonna succeed long term.”

In this two part series, former Tulane University professor turned marketing expert Casey Stanton joins me on the show. He specializes in helping 7 and 8 figure health and fitness businesses shoot up sales and grow quickly… using his relationship-focused sales methods.

If you want to hone your sales chops, and make selling your strength without “hype” and BS selling tactics…

… you’re gonna dig these next two episodes with Casey. We break down his unique 5-part sales process called Functional Sales. (Casey also recently shared his breakthrough “Make Selling Your Strength” training exclusively with members inside Copy Chief.)  

In this first part, Casey shows you how to conquer the critical prospecting side of your business…

… and create the kind of authority that attracts people to YOU at events and conferences. (You’ll want to hear Casey’s insights on networking that’ll bring you closer to the deal without creepin’ anybody out… and why you’re likely burning your cash on cold traffic.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The ONE simple thing to do at events and conferences that’ll catapult you to “pro networker” status… even if it’s your first event. (Casey always did this to earn the respect and attention of his peers… even though he was a lot younger than most.)
  • The “primal connection” trick to boosting your authority almost instantly… and forming rock-solid, genuine bonds with your perfect prospects. (This is so simple you’re likely overlooking its relationship-boosting power.)
  • Are you still making it your goal to “connect with every single person in the room”? (Why this is likely killing your relationships… and what Casey suggests you do instead to bond with your perfect prospects and prosper.)


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Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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