Ep 69: The Secret To Attracting Difference-Making Donations with Abbey Woodcock

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In This Episode

Reality is, it’s now tougher than ever to attract donations. Seems like everyone has a GoFundMe page these days…

… making it hard to stand out and pull-in some bucks for your cause.

So… what can you do to get more eyeballs on your donation page… and attract more difference-making cash that’ll change lives?

Freelance copywriter Abbey Woodcock returns to the show. Abbey’s been involved in disaster response since the age of 12…

… and is now helping Team Rubicon fund their volunteer campaigns through donations. (Team Rubicon is a military veteran based organization assisting with disaster relief efforts.) She’s also helped raise aid money for both hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

As Abbey explains in the interview, we get weird about asking people for money…

… but the truth is, most people WANT to help. You’ve just got to spell out exactly HOW their donation―no matter how small―makes a big difference so they can picture the result.

In this episode, Abbey shows you how to write donation copy that’ll attract the difference-making cash for your cause.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The “price anchoring” trick to getting bigger donations. (This’ll practically force donors to throw in some more cash for your cause… and they’ll feel GREAT about it.)
  • The single biggest donation-killing mistake most fund raisers make… and what Abbey suggests you do instead to attract difference-making cash for your cause.
  • The “looking-glass self” tactic to make your donors WANT to support your funding campaign. (Do this and they’ll feel even better the more they donate.)


Read more about Abbey’s insights here

Learn about the business of Copywriting with Abbey here

Download the episode here

Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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