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Ep 68: Tjark Hartmann’s Journey From Freelancer To Product Creator

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Ep 68: Tjark Hartmann’s Journey From Freelancer To Product Creator

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In This Episode

The reality is, most marketers make bold promises they can’t really keep… and they do it without thinking about the severity of the prospect’s situation.

If you’re in this game for the long haul… you’ve got to take responsibility for how your content, product, or service will impact someone’s life.

Thing is, this is also a double-edged sword.

The pressure to deliver results can cripple your business if you stay blind to the common confidence-killing “head trash” traps.

So, what are these mental hurdles plaguing most entrepreneurs today… and how do you overcome them and thrive?

Tjark Hartmann joins me on the show today. Tjark is a freelance copywriter who recently transitioned to promoting his own products.

Tjark barely scraped together $500 a month when he started… and he’s now on track to banking $10K monthly─and he did it in only 5 months.

In this episode, Tjark shares all the struggles and mental obstacles he battled on his journey (ones you’ve likely felt, or WILL feel at some point)…

… and what you can do to quickly rise above them and prosper. He also busts some common marketing myths likely killing your sales. (You’ll want to hear Tjark’s unique insights on multiplying sales by doing the opposite of your typical marketing wisdom.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The most common confidence-killing trap stopping most entrepreneurs dead in their tracks… and Tjark’s simple mental switch you can use to quickly eliminate it and thrive.
  • The single word change to Tjark’s headline boosting sales faster than you can imagine possible. (This is so counter-intuitive you’re likely overlooking its power.)
  • Is your lead magnet suffering from “clickbait” syndrome? (You’ll want to hear Tjark’s insights on why most lead magnets never get consumed… and what to focus on instead to create demand for your offer.)


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