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Ep 67: No More “Surveys” – The Sales-Multiplying Power Of Asking Good Questions with Ann Irza

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Ep 67: No More “Surveys” – The Sales-Multiplying Power Of Asking Good Questions with Ann Irza

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In This Episode

Here’s a marketing truth: When you ask your prospects the right questions, you’ll never wonder what to offer them next.

Most business owners and marketers make the mistake of asking the wrong questions… or worse, they ask their prospects complex questions. (Even if you think it’s crystal-clear to you… it’s likely confusing the heck out of ’em.)

So… how do you ask your perfect prospects the RIGHT questions that’ll fulfill their NEEDS, so that their next logical step is buying from YOU?

Ann Irza joins me on the show today. Ann is a freelance copywriter, recreational drone expert, and ASK method specialist. She helps clients shoot up sales by identifying their market’s biggest (and most profitable) needs.

As Ann explains in the interview, when you ask your prospects all the right questions, you’re no longer just selling them stuff…

… you’re fulfilling their NEEDS. And this is how you’ll write the BEST copy for your product or service.

In this episode, Ann shows you how to discover your market’s biggest needs by asking the right questions. (You’ll want to hear Ann’s insights on why typical “surveys” fall flat… and how just ONE focused question can multiply your sales faster than you imagined possible.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The ONE question Ann used to sell copies of her recreational drone guide BEFORE it even hit the market. (Do this and you’ll never wonder what to offer your prospects next.)
  • The “drone runs away from home” trick to identifying your market’s biggest, most profitable needs… no matter where you are in your business.
  • How to look deep into what’s REALLY going on in your prospect’s brain. (You’ll finally know exactly what to offer them… making buying from YOU the only logical next step.)


Learn to ask the right questions by visiting Ann’s website

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