Ep 59: Elin Marie – The Dreamweaver Sales Copy Formula

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In This Episode

00.35: Kevin introduces Elin, one of the elite few writers he recommends without hesitation, and how she accidentally invented a new way to write copy so it flows effortlessly from your fingertips like water.

2.05: “I feel like you picked me up and took me there!” Elin shares her secret to writing copy that “just sings” and makes prospects reading it feel like kids again. (Bonus: it’s fun for the writer,too.)

6.15: “As copywriters, we have to sneak up on our prospects.” A recent Harvard study reveals how modern marketing is killing people’s interest in you (and how to reignite it so you’re suddenly the popular girl in the bar again.)

7.15: “We feel like we’ve heard it all before… what we want is to be swept away.” Elin lays down some hard truth about the deadly sins of overselling.

8.10: How to build solid relationships with your customers, and ensure they get what they need… and ONLY when they need it.

10.00: “People don’t like the scent of being sold to … even if they’re looking to buy!” How to weave an offer into the story without the bone-jarring transition of a pitch.

11.00: The big reveal: Elin shares the actual conversion numbers her new storytelling strategy netted her client. (Kevin suddenly realizes why Elin’s client refuses to give her name to anyone).

17.30: The only gunfight where the bullets never win (but the story always does): Elin leads us through the script that is converting a consistent 9% while completely ignoring traditional copy elements like bullets and headlines.

24.00: How to stop scaring the pants off your prospects and avoid shaking them down for money in a sales letter. (With Elin’s method, you’ll only give them exactly what they need, and it’ll be so much fun that they’ll thank you!)

25.30: Why storytelling works for all products across all industries, and makes it so much easier to do a 180 on your sales hook at a second’s notice.

Bullets written by Caroylnn Ananion, you can reach her at http://cananian.com/

Resources Mentioned

Elin’s site: The Write Effect

Elin’s article about Dreamweaver Copy

The VSL written by Elin

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  • Rex

    Thanks a lot Kevin, for the Podcast alert delivered straight to my Inbox, a great follow up to “the Dreamweaver sales copy” Elin you are absolutely wonderful, thanks a lot for sharing your info free, Nobody like to be sold to outrightly any more, this is very useful for my web articles(integrating my affiliate products into the stories)

  • Pete

    This is great, thanks for sharing Elin.

    Love the bullets-as-conversation angle!

  • Ryan Saplan

    Wow This was freaking great. Thank you so much for sharing. There are so many small things about copy to “sneak” a sales message.. but the subtlness is so powerful.

    • Elin Bullmann

      Thanks Ryan! Glad you like how simple it can be to sweep your reader up and keep them engrossed in your copy’s message through story-telling.

  • Debra Cortese

    most creative and useful podcast/biz info I’ve heard in months! Will be writing with a new approach this week! And, I may even invest in a food farm 😉 Listening to this as I am making handmade, lightweight bamboo fence panels for my summer garden.

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