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Ep 53 – How to prove your value like a lawyer proves facts with Candice Lazar

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Ep 53 – How to prove your value like a lawyer proves facts with Candice Lazar

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In This Episode

Proof is the lifeblood of your sales message…

… and with today’s hyper aware consumer, it’s more critical than ever that you nail your offer’s proof. (In fact–your prospect is waiting for you to get this wrong, so they’ll have the perfect excuse to click away and buy somewhere else)

Here’s the other thing: you can easily overdo your proof and blow the sale, as if you didn’t prove anything at all!

So… how do you prove that your offer works?

(And do it in a way that helps your prospect’s brain accept it as a fact)

Today lawyer and pro copywriter Candice Lazar joins me on the show. She helps clients get more sales with her talent for whipping up rock-solid proof.

As Candice explains in the interview, you need a lot more proof than you think to knock your prospect off the fence…

… but you can overdo it and kill the sale. So you must only cover the three essential points that make up a successful proof element.

Candice reveals the three critical types of proof you cannot ignore in your sales copy. You’ll want to hear Candice’s unique insights from years of litigation experience. (Know this and you’ll prove your value like a lawyer proves facts)

Take a listen and find out how you can quickly arm your sales message with ironclad proof.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Is the Facebook page for your business secretly killing your sales? (The single biggest mistake most marketers make on their page… and what Candice suggests you do instead to build bulletproof social proof that can turn your prospects into eager buyers)
  • The ONE type of proof you can quickly inject into your sales message that eliminates your prospect’s skepticism (and replaces it with confidence-building facts)
  • Do you know exactly how much proof you need to back up your offer? (Missing this critical balance is the single biggest trap most marketers fall prey to… do what Candice suggests to make sure your offer packs the perfect amount of proof)


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