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EP 229: Freelancers Journey: Angie Colee “Making the big leaps”

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EP 229: Freelancers Journey: Angie Colee “Making the big leaps”

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In This Episode

At some point, every freelancer will face “The Leap.” 

That Leap can be a calculated choice from a position of safety – for instance, finally having the confidence to quit the “main job” and go freelance full time.

Or it can look more like life giving you a swift and unexpected kick right off the ledge into sink-or-swim mode… 

Like waking up on Monday morning suddenly lacking a job while living in one of the most expensive cities in America, or being fired from a job before even starting work.

And then there are the Leaps that can make or break you as a person

Imagine giving notice that you’re moving on from your well-paid and respected role as Copy Chief of a powerhouse brand, full to the brim with a swirling mixture of stark terror and unbridled excitement for the next chapter…

Only to have a massive part of your personal life and a core pillar of your future plans just up and walk out the very next day

How do you move forward after that? How do you go back? Can you go back? 

On this Freelancer’s Journey Episode of Copy Chief Radio, Kevin sits down with long-time member and coach of the Copy Chief community, Angie Colee, to explore the “big leaps” and what it really means to stare down some tough choices. 

When it comes to Leaps, Angie has weathered her fair share of some big ones, both willing and unwilling. 

All the examples we’ve covered so far? Yep. All straight from Angie’s life.   

These days, Angie is ratcheting “Leaps” to an entirely different level by embracing the digital AirBnB nomad life while launching her own brand and podcast.

If this all sounds like a roller coaster, that’s because it is.

In this episode, Angie walks through the tremendous ups and downs of her freelance career with the brazen in-your-face, this-is-my-experience voice that has come to be known as signature Angie.  

Each decision she made, or was made for her, gave her the opportunity to deeply evaluate her goals and what she could do to take that next step… even if it terrified her. 

What she learned from taking those “Leaps” is a huge part of what makes her the rockstar she is today.

Strap in for this one… Anything involving Angie Colee is guaranteed to be packed with personality and some big takeaways. 

Listen To Copy Chief Radio #229 Freelancer’s Journey with Angie Colee – “Making the big leaps.”

Highlights from the episode:

  •  (6:19) Angie pulls back the curtain on why “doing it all” is really a handicap for a freelancer 
  • (7:58) What to do when “more advertising” isn’t the answer
  • (13:30) The single question Angie asked her employer that launched her “exit plan” when stuck in her 9-5 job
  • (17:00) How to avoid the boom-burnout cycle common with early freelance success.
  • (19:15) Angie reveals the real secret behind client relationships that can help freelancers shed their “must always be perfect” chains.
  • (23:00) Want to know the best long-term plan for success? Hint: Focusing entirely on your clients isn’t it.
  • (30:40) Why sometimes taking the leap is the best decision you can make, even if you don’t know it at the time.


Plus… whenever you’re ready:

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