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EP 202: CCR Freelancer’s Journey – Chris Orzechowski – “Embrace the work”

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EP 202: CCR Freelancer’s Journey – Chris Orzechowski – “Embrace the work”

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In This Episode

In the six years I’ve been coaching freelance copywriters, no one has blasted through the first 6 (of 7) Phases of the Freelancer’s Journey faster than Chris Orzechoski.

Four years ago this guy was teaching high school and coaching wrestling, and now he’s running his own agency. Like, a real agency, with a stable of copywriters, a copy chief, supporting staff, and a growing roster of high profile clients. 

Oh, and he got married and became a father on the side 🙂

So, how the heck is he getting all this done, and making it rain even harder at every phase? 

We’ll learn all that, plus…

  • How Chris went from an unpaid wrestling coach to owning one of the most popular boutique copywriting agencies in the country. The new “Mad Man” of copy reveals all! [0:48]

  • The “tractor beam” persuasion secret Chris learned from a wrestling coach that he still uses to captivate audiences and get the sale… PLUS how you can use the same formula to boost your copy’s persuasive power. [5:33]

  • A sneaky strategy (used by high-level marketers) to make yourself the only copywriter clients want to hire. [14:42]

  • Watch out for this mistake 80% of novice copywriters make that’s guaranteed to cut your income in half… or worse. This “double loss” mentality drives many freelancers into the poverty ditch. [17:27]

  • The cocky, “OMG, what did I just say?” moment that pushed Chris to copy glory. You don’t want to miss this eye-opening reveal starting at [23:30].

  • Forget the “do what you love” narrative. Chris explains why focusing on the things you hate will help you pick a niche and blow clients away with your copy skills. [27:16]

  • How to use the “scrap” principle to seize control of your brain and overcome devastating fear of failure. (It’s like a neurological emergency brake that stops worry dead in its tracks) [30:33]

  • A strange (and completely counterintuitive) way to command bigger fees by giving away your leads! [30:02]

  • The dark reality of being a course creator no one talks about (and why launching a course despite the negatives will make you an unbeatable business machine). [36:07]

  • How to jump-start your freelancing career EVEN if you’re surrounded by fierce competition. This never-fail method works every time… and it doesn’t matter if you are new to copywriting or never had a client. [46:27]

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