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Ep 188: Freelancer Uniqueness and Vulnerability with Mike Lukas

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Ep 188: Freelancer Uniqueness and Vulnerability with Mike Lukas

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In This Episode

For freelancers, the big-picture goal is to be considered a go-to, acknowledged expert in your specialty. 

To achieve this, you gotta be brave enough to put yourself out there and do some teaching, which takes professional vulnerability and a unique voice. 

In this episode of Copy Chief Radio, I speak with freelance writer Mike Lukas, who has proven his willingness to be both vulnerable and unique, first as a successful stand-up comedian, now as a full-time writer. 

Mike and I dive into the different ways every freelancer can confidently tap into their own well of originality. 

If you’re holding back, waiting for the perfect time to share your expertise because you fear you have nothing original to say, join the club – many of the experts we rely on today felt the same way…at first. 

But it’s those who start to trust their instincts and believe in the necessity to be vulnerable who are able to push through the uncomfortable start of this process. They begin to share the value and creative insights that they bring to the table and gradually it’s their name that’s brought up whenever their specialty is mentioned.


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