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Ep 157: 7 Phases of a Freelance Career with Rachel Mazza

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Ep 157: 7 Phases of a Freelance Career with Rachel Mazza

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In This Episode

Ever feel like you’re caught in the Information Spiral of Death? 

You know the one…

You take course after course. 

Read book after book.

Listen to this guy, and that guru.

And even entertain one or two internet marketing douchebags because they GUARANTEE that you can “screw the 9-to-5 if you just sign up for their 14-day free email course. (sorry, no refunds, bro)…”

But no matter how much you consume, you feel like you have no idea how to move forward in your freelance business. 

Sometimes it feels like no matter how much you learn, you’re still stuck – constantly spinning your wheels and struggling to get consistent work to pay the bills. 

Oh yeah, I’ve been there. 

When I first started freelancing, I was on FIRE for copywriting – absorbing everything I could like a sponge.

Yet, I still had no clue how to land a paying client. 

I knew I could do the work. I knew I would go above and beyond to deliver the best possible copy I could for my clients….

If I could only find them and get them to give me a chance. 

Now, a decade later, I know that what I really needed back then was a roadmap to follow. 

A clear path so I knew where I was going. 

A plan to steer my ambition and focus my learning so I could learn how to deal with the immediate “right now” problems…

…  instead of getting distracted with stuff that had nothing to do with the phase my business was currently in. 

And that’s exactly why I created the The 7 Phases of Freelancing that make up The Freelancer’s Journey.

To give freelancers a clear, simple path to follow as they move their business from one phase to the next. 

To help them constantly move forward without getting bogged down, derailed, or paralyzed by information overwhelm. 

That’s exactly what we’re chatting about today on Copy Chief Radio.

Sound like something that’ll help YOU escape the Information Spiral of Death?


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