Ep 156: The Freelancer’s Journey with Kevin Rogers

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In This Episode

This may come as a shock to you

But, I’m not a huge fan of drunk people. 

Now, I know most people enjoy when other grown humans reduce themselves to 3-yr-old behavior…

Rambling incoherently, stumbling over furniture, crying, puking…

It’s pretty entertaining. 

But, I’m not a fan. 

I prefer to see people at their best. 

Not their “Instagram best,” posing casually in the booth of a slick, 50’s style bagel shop or wake surfing off the back of a speedboat… although those things are pretty cool, too…

I mean their “working against the odds” best. 

When people, despite a clear and obvious outcome, put motion behind their ambition and move ahead into the scary unknown.

That takes guts. 

Just like the great explorers throughout history, you face peril at every turn…

Danger, ridicule, failure, shame…

Less threat of syphilis and being devoured by a sabertooth beast these days, but hey, it’s still a damn attractive thing to see…

People pushing themselves, despite clear and obvious outcomes, to pursue a passion, and oftentimes reinventing their lives.

Very sexy, if you ask me. 

I sat down at my local coffee shop to reflect on the journey into freelancing that we all go through. 

How, once we choose it, we become part of the same clan, yet, the paths that lead us here are so different and unique. 

It’s a short one. I think you’ll dig it.


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Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers is a stand up comic turned copywriter and now a copy chief. Kevin is also a best-selling author of The 60-Second Sales Hook. He created Copy Chief to bridge the gap between biz owners eager to improve their sales conversions and copywriters eager to show off their hard-won copy chops.
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