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Ep 123: The Simple Genius of Cope Notes with Johnny Crowder

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Ep 123: The Simple Genius of Cope Notes with Johnny Crowder

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In This Episode

Johnny Crowder is changing lives through text messaging…

He’s a singer in a heavy metal band who battles schizophrenia and started a texting service to help others battling mental health issues feel better.

Oh yeah, he’s also a copywriter.

I read about Johnny and his unlikely mental health text messaging service and knew I had to talk with this guy.

What he shared about his business plan and fronting a heavy metal band is far beyond what I imagined.

The depths of research and review on the text messages he sends out through his Cope Notes service is staggering, and inspiring.

In the hundreds of episodes I’ve hosted, this is the one I’ve listened back to the most.

If you like business ideas front-loaded with rebellious passion and geared to change lives for the better, then this one is for you.


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