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Ep 120: Mike Michalowicz – How To Profit Like Clock Work

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Ep 120: Mike Michalowicz – How To Profit Like Clock Work

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In This Episode

I became a fan of Mike Michalowicz listening to the audiobook of Profit First.

It’s a great book that every entrepreneur should spend time with…

… but this episode is NOT about your finances.

My burning questions for Mike were about how he markets his books and services.

It’s a hot one! Here’s what we covered…

  • [01:50] Michalo-whaaaa?! How Mike “Motorbike” transformed a weakness into his marketing superpower—and had fun doing it.


  • [07:35] The call to action that knocked Kevin off his treadmill. Use Mike’s powerful arm-over-the-shoulder technique to pull distracted readers out of their world and back into yours.


  • [11:50] Martyrdom doesn’t work. Find out how a little selfishness can be healthy for your business and make you a better person, too!


  • [14:10] How flip-flopping your finances can take out the trash, pay the billz, and make you mo’ money. End backwards bottom-line thinking and do this instead.


  • [17:10] Are your systems killing your business? Mike reveals why most systems put small businesses on life support and how “soccer-team” thinking can bring them back to life.


  • [19:20] Avoid this “Dunkin’ Donuts” trap and get financially ripped. Why you’ll always try to circumvent the system. Plus, the easiest way to succeed despite yourself.


  • [21:25] Made you look! Could peeking at your bank account be making you poor? Set your growth on autopilot with this “jet stream” banking secret instead.


  • [22:50] The surprising secret of slow profits… An easy 1% change that blows away industry standards.


  • [32:20] Washing bottles like a 10-armed Hindu goddess? Mike’s “4D Mix” reveals where you must focus your energy if you want your business to grow. (Hint: Leave the bottles for somebody else!)


  • [34:27] PLUS – How backing a bad decision may be the best decision Mike ever made!


Bullets expertly written by Copy Chief member Carrie Carr. If you’d like to learn more about Carrie’s work, go here to check out her website.


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