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Ep 109: The magic hiding in great ads with Mike Schauer

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Ep 109: The magic hiding in great ads with Mike Schauer

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One of the great joys of being a copywriter is sinking into a cushy chair (maybe sipping on a glass of hot chocolate) and reading through a really great classic direct response ad.

This is technically part of our job, same as “taste testing” is part of an ice cream shop owners job… but it’s one of the parts we’d be doing for free no matter what the ‘boss’ had to say about it.

The only thing better than immersing in a really great ad while sipping hot chocolate in a cozy chair is having a deep conversation with some other ‘copy freak’ who loves discovering the magic in great ads as much as you.

My guest on today’s fresh new episode of Copy Chief Radio is Mike Schauer of and for my money, Mike is the reigning “King of Copy Freaks.”

That’s because for the last four years Mike has been pouring over great copy and meticulously reverse engineering the magic ‘hiding’ inside them.

He posts his marked up copies of these ads digitally with elegant callouts on his website. He also puts his graphic design skills to use creating inside joke t-shirts only a copywriter could love.

Funny thing is, Mike doesn’t even label himself a copywriter, but he is unabashedly a ‘copy freak’ and I know you’ll enjoy our conversation breaking down 4 of his favorite ads from Halbert, Schwartz, Gossage and Hopkins.

Check out the resources for links to the ads, too.

Pull up a chair, you freak 🙂


Visit Mike’s website

Halbert ad from the episode

Schwartz ad from the episode

Pink Air Campaign ad from the episode

Palmolive Soap Ad #1

Palmolive Soap Ad #2

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