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Ep 108: Facebook Ad Magic with Mike Rinard (Pt. 1)

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Ep 108: Facebook Ad Magic with Mike Rinard (Pt. 1)

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In This Episode

What if I told you there were only 4 simple steps to creating a successful cold traffic funnel?

Ugh, there’s so much more to it, Rogers! What about your budget? And the pixel? And managing Ads Manager? Oh, and you can’t forget the copy?!

Forget about it.

Instead, let’s focus on why certain cold traffic funnels work, and how most of us probably overthink the process…

Converting cold traffic, if you don’t know, is the key to unlocking new sales and business.

On paper, it’s simple.

Spend $1, earn $2, and profit $1.

In reality, it’s difficult.

And here’s why most people struggle…

Your #1 goal right now is to learn about the important work that goes into converting cold traffic…

… yet, many of us focus on the “busy, but unimportant” work that goes into setting up the funnel.

(Like, picking eye-catching images, writing the perfect copy, calculating the budget, creating the ad sets, uploading the lookalikes, etc.)

The reality is, your cold traffic funnel can go from losing $2 for every $1 spent… to break-even… to profitable… in a very short timeframe, but only if you know exactly what you should work on.

So… what’s the important work you need to focus on?

Step 1: Design and build that perfect customer journey from cold traffic to core offer

Step 2: Amplify your offer so it’s a “no-brainer”

Step 3: Add traffic to this system with your perfect sales message

Step 4: Test and Scale so you can take this to the next level

In this 3-part podcast series, Mike Rinard and I will show you how Copy Chief went from “no funnel” to “dabbling with ads” to “running an entire cold traffic funnel”.

In Part 1, you’ll learn about the big needle movers that made this campaign work, so you can do the same for your business.

Then, in Part 2 and 3, we’ll show you specific tactics on how to tweak the system with your perfect sales message, plus how to test and scale the funnel.


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