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Ep 104: How To Heat Up Cold Traffic Using Story-Based Landing Pages with Rachel Mazza

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Ep 104: How To Heat Up Cold Traffic Using Story-Based Landing Pages with Rachel Mazza

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In This Episode

Our ever-decreasing attention span (currently clocking at 8 seconds) means it’s critical that we’re able to move prospects from “unaware” to “aware and ready to buy”.

In order to do that, we’re borrowing something newspapers used to use and adopting it for the Internet…

It’s called an Advertorial. (Different industries call it other names, like Drivers, Pre-Sale Pages, etc.)

How do you write an advertorial?

My guest this week is Advertorials expert, Rachel Mazza.

Rachel specializes in helping business owners write story-based copy designed specifically to warm up cold traffic and capture skeptical audiences.

In this episode, she’ll walk us through:

  • How the best marketers are using Advertorials to move prospects up the awareness scale, lower ad costs, and outperform competitors
  • The psychological power behind the pre-sale page and why it’s critical to understand when buying cold traffic
  • Why the #1 job of your advertorials is NOT to sell… (Getting this wrong will cost you time, money, and most importantly, people who want what you have to offer)


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