Ep 101: Copy That Closes with Amy Posner

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In This Episode

“People will read any length if it’s interesting to them.

My guest today is Amy Posner. Amy is a savvy veteran copywriter, and one of the few writers I know who works in any kind of niche. Amy delivers “mini-funnels” for her clients to help them capture names and emails by delivering a compelling free offer.

As a result, she’s been able to help business owners generate new business on relationships and most importantly, trust.

In this episode, Amy talks about simple ways to give life to your copy, so it’s interesting AND compelling for your reader…

… and if you’re interested in going deeper on this, you can download Amy’s free report, Copy That Closes: A Short Guide To Crafting Marketing Messages Your Audience Wants To Read.


Download Amy’s free report: Copy That Closes

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